by Nomad

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Split release with Wort


released June 27, 2015

Mixxed and Produced by Simeon Ogden
Mastered by Par Mahn
Vocals : Drian
Guitars: Lewis
Drums: Hayley
Bass: John



all rights reserved


Nomad Manchester, UK

Four piece Sludge Band spawned from the various festering wounds of Manchester.

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Track Name: Decay Of Autonomy
Decay of Autonomy

chained forever but keep asking why
this resistance under concrete sky
bleed towards toll and you will die with this
the future is something that the poor will miss

we will reign
the economic strain
passed out until we feel the freedom we feign

Trapped in poverty and promised mist
only this is real and ageing fist
limited to nothing but will hollow eyes
the conflict internal as the autonomy dies

we must live for much more then this
banded together forever living in piss
bleed my fingers I have more to gain
scratching at the air in aching pain

Silver smokes lays like a tired whore
the satisfied still hunger and scream for more
disposed vilified and taught to miss
divine internal away from the cold abyss

once burdened but now taught to hope
freedom found amongst eternal reels of dope
the dirt builds where it did once corrode
the future is ours now that the past is sold
Track Name: Black And Green
Ours is a life cant work any more
yours is a system destined to fall
sink the nails bound to rust
whilst all around you turns into dust

running amok on principles of shit
penetrating soil bit by bit
hosting flags destined to bleed
whilst all around you the dominating weed

Knee's sink to dirt
caught in a fit
deeper and deeper
your into the pit

sounds raw they call to you
showing a life once through
green is your saviour now
your destined and determined to take the vow

Awaiting catastrophe to ascend
society must meet its end
the water comes
you prevail
against life
you must rail
Track Name: Corpse Dragger
Corpse dragger

Lay Down
your head so full of wire
Cast out
to all that you aspire

our communion of spit
will be our holy land
a world of bone
to loosen the ties of man

Break Free
from your idols of shit
and breath
from the light you will emit

Your placid saviour falls
(a deceiver blind and weak)
through the thrill of it all
(land carved for the meek)

Breath in
our cosmic stinking mass
and out
a decadence surpassed

my head
a tangled unholy mess
forced down
between the thighs of the sun

Degrade me
And save me

And through it all
my spirit bends
I'm destined to fall
as this will ends